A World of Wisdom

(Grades 3-12)



From time immemorial, people everywhere have asked, what is truly important? The question has been explored in a myriad of ways, and the world’s wisdom traditions tell us what is most valued in a particular culture, and why. They encompass a culture’s collective, and best, thinking on deep and difficult matters. Ms. Conover will read and discuss stories from her books on world wisdom traditions. Through stories, proverbs and poetry, Ms. Conover can speak about the ethics common to all wisdom traditions, or she can entertain an audience with stories and discussion from a single wisdom tradition from any of her books. Presentation: 50-55 minutes, any size group. A classroom-sized group will allow a more interactive learning experience.

A Picture’s Worth a Million Words, Lives and Dollars:

Essential Media Literacy in a Global Age (Grades 5-12)



The average American youth unconsciously experiences over 3,000 advertisements in a day through everything from wristbands to billboards, pop cans to newspapers, television programming to the internet. From her years of international experience in open media as a television producer and as an educator, Ms. Conover works with youth of any age to deconstruct embedded points of view and values in media. Understanding and comparing how media, worldwide, shapes what each society knows and understands about each other is a critical first step in helping youth navigate their lives through a global media landscape. Presentation: 50-55 minutes, any size group. A classroom-sized group will allow a more interactive learning experience.

Writes of Passage:

From Poetry to Personal Narratives Writing Workshops
(elementary, high school, and beyond)


As a writing guide, Sarah Conover facilitates exploration and discovery. As James Baldwin said, “When you’re writing, you’re trying to find out something which you don’t know.” Sarah’s methods, developed over years of successfully teaching some the most challenging developing writers (alternative high schools students), improve a writer’s craft rapidly and dramatically. Among these techniques are the singular importance of hooks for setting tone and the questions to be pursued in all the writing that follows as well as a fool-proof sensory palette. Ms. Conover offers the Writes of Passage Workshops to elementary and high school students as well as to senior citizens, to groups as well as individuals. Each workshop can fit into a class period (the teacher would then allow students to practice their new skills in follow-up classes), or Ms. Conover can present each workshop as a mini-series of several class periods. Each workshop has embedded formative assessments that allow both teacher and student to workshop and evaluate progress continually.

For more information about Sarah Conover’s presentations, download this PDF, Preparing for the PresentationsPDF