About the Author

Photo by Charles Gurche

Although many of Sarah Conover’s books target a multigenerational audience, she insists on accurate scholarship and a sensitivity  to the complex, culturally embedded points-of-views of religious faiths. She facilitates religious literacy through her writings, writing workshops, books on world wisdom traditions, interfaith dialogue, and media literacy. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in religious studies from the University of Colorado, a degree in education from Gonzaga University, and a Masters of Fine Arts in creative writing from Eastern Washington University.


Ms. Conover lives in Spokane, Washington, where she currently teaches creative writing and meditation. Throughout her career as an educator (television producer, author, and public school teacher), she has brought multi-cultural perspectives into classrooms through her writing and through collaborations with other educators around the globe. She was the first grant recipient of the EPA’s Environment Education Department from which she developed Environmentbridge, a year-long interdisciplinary project for high school students in the US and Brazil for presentation at the UN Conference on the Environment in Rio de Janiero; she was the participant of two “Bridge” conferences hosted by the US State Department and iEARN (International and Educational Resource Network), which brought US teachers to the Middle East to initiate classroom collaborations between students in both regions; she created a media literacy curriculum—Media Mosaic—in conjunction with iEARN and Medialit.org, for educators; she was also the Managing Editor for the Pearl Project, an international on-line news magazine for high school students sponsored by the Daniel Pearl Foundation and iEARN.

Previous to her role in education, she was a senior producer at Internews, an international NGO committed to fostering open media throughout the world. In that role she was the US producer for the United Nations’ Agenda for a Small Planet, a series that aired in 33 countries around the globe; and the producer of many public television programs including the National Academy of Science’s The Medical Implications of Nuclear War.

She is the author of young adult, multigenerational, and adult books. Her books with Skinner House Books include Kindness: A Treasury of Buddhist Wisdom for Children and Parents, which won the 2002 Skipping Stones Award for promoting cultural diversity, and was also recommended by Booklist as one of the five best spiritual books for children of 2001. Her second book, Ayat Jamilah: Beautiful Signs, was cited by Newsweek as one of the best multicultural books of 2004, and was also the winner of the 2004 Aesop Prize, presented by the American Folklore Society.  Ms. Conover was a contributing co-editor of Chaos and Wonder: Writers on the Spiritual Adventure of Parenting, a collection of literary essays on that subject by a wide range of well-known and not-so-well-known writers which benefits CARE, a leading humanitarian organization fighting global poverty. Her fourth book with Skinner House was Harmony: A Treasury of Chinese Wisdom for Children and Parents, a unique collection of Chinese chengyu–teachings drawn from the three  Chinese wisdom traditions of Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism and is illustrated by one of China’s leading female artists. Her fifth book with Skinner House is Muhammad: the Story of a Prophet and Reformer.

In addition, Ms. Conover is also the coauthor of Daughters of the Desert: Remarkable Women from the Christian, Jewish and Muslim Traditions, published by SkylightPaths Press in 2003.

Her poetry has appeared in Rock and Sling, the Santa Clara ReviewPontoon 10Floating Bridge Review, Calyx among others. Her poems are included in the anthologies Family Pictures, published by Capital BookFest; I go to the Ruined Place:Contemporary Poems in Defense of Global Human Rights, published by Lost Horse Books. She was a finalist for Tifferet’s Poetry of the Spirit prize. Her essays have appeared in journals and several anthologies: Easy to Love, Hard to Raise published by DRT Press, and Wait a Minute, I Have to Take off my Bra, published by InkSpotter Publishing.


Photo of Sarah Conover by Charles Gurche.